If you're wondering about the USGA Bifurcation & Conformity debate:

We favor allowing simple design & technology to help recreational golfers enjoy the game even more! The Wonder Wedge exceeds Performance Standards and elects to be on the nonconforming side. Please understand that nonconforming is NOT illegal. It just means that you cannot play the Wonder Wedge in officially-sanctioned usga events (if that's even a concern of yours).

It's kind of like: a) if you lose a ball during usga play, you can only replace it with the exact same brand/model, or b) you can't give a Swing Tip to a buddy, or let him try one of your clubs, while playing during a usga round, or c) like you can't wear shorts on the pga tour during competitive rounds. Yikes, that's pretty harsh, and there's 100 pages of other rules too! Do you really play that way? If so, then the Wonder Wedge is not for you.

Like the vast majority of casual recreational golfers, we don't believe you should be handcuffed & penalized, just because the usga has an agenda to restrict precisely how (and with what equipment) the highly-skilled Touring Pro's and elite-amateurs can play with. And if they want to roll-back equipment technology & performance (because 8% of players have become too good and are obsoleting golf courses), that's up to them. Meanwhile, casual recreational golfers (92% of all players!) are free to play whatever they want in their games! And that's why the Wonder Wedge is NOT illegal for you and I. It is an important distinction, or as one of my friends on Tour said: 

“I enjoy fishin’ and boatin’ as much as the next guy, but you don’t see me out there on the lake using the exact same rigs and techniques and rules & regulations as the fella's who make a livin’ on the Pro Bass Fishin’ Tour do.” 

"In no other sport or hobby, do we try and insist on using the exact same equipment or regulations that the elite players or paid professionals use. Heck, even college baseball players (and soon to be Pro's) use high-COR aluminum bats!"

So give the Wonder Wedge a try, and take your enjoyment of the game to a whole new level!

KB / Founder

P.S.   Let's truly grow the game, instead of making it any harder and more frustrating! Now I know that some of my buddies will only play with what last week’s PGA Tour winner uses (even though they can’t break 100). And I will admit that I don’t exactly follow each and every one of the 1,000’s of USGA’s rules & guidelines, some of which are ridiculous for casual recreational play. But I also know that the icons Arnold Palmer and Eli Callaway promoted bifurcation and nonconforming golf clubs to grow the game, as do a lot of current PGA Professionals. So if it's good enough for all of them, then it’s good enough for me!