Transcript- Wonder Wand Presentation

Hello Friends! This is KB from Wonder Golf!

Can I do a little 5 minute presentation here about Putting… and about what the heck we may of been doing wrong all these years? I promise that you'll gain some cool facts & explanations.

And in a way, this'll also have to do with what Bobby Jones said to the USGA’s Joe Dey about what he didn’t like about Sam Snead way back in 1967. 

Anyway… we've all experienced the issues & problems of the conventional golf Putting Stroke. The fact is: It’s an ongoing struggle to perform fluidly, consistently & accurately.

*** Now before I go any further here, let me jump right to the end and tell you… that we may of solved this problem for many of you! And after I explain, you may want to trade us $159 for the solution. Let’s go see…

Some Putting Gurus feel that the root cause of our putting struggles is due to: Your arms are in opposition & they're fighting each other for control. The different muscle groups within your forearms & upper arms are in at least a 4-way isometric contradiction. You have a hunched over body & your head is further tucked down, and then it’s cocked again sideways. You can add an awkward neck twist too. Then you squint your less-dominant eye (the left one), and you try and look upside-down, at the target line.

And there's still more: You then try & prop your shoulders up to compensate, and they feel funny & hang uneven. So you additionally contort your wrist & palm angles while your fingers are interlocked & your elbows are flared outwards. You've now built up a ton of tension. Your core support is very poor. Maybe add a wobbly knee & lower back pain too. And now you’re going to try and putt this way?

It's a very uncomfortable & ineffective putting stance & set-up. In fact, it's been called a Kinesiologist’s Nightmare! A lot of folks believe: It’s inefficient, unnatural, and hard to continually do with any success. Plus, it just comes & goes. Now for some better players or the athletic, it may work alright, sometimes. But for most others, it just gets worse! 

There’s: a jerky takeaway, an unsure back-stroke, a jabbing transition, and an ill-feeling follow-through. Physical yips. Just no confidence. And then you still need to factor in the line, speed & break to this putting equation!

Now knowing all this... you're telling me, that we THEN attempt to use this convoluted putting stroke and roll a golf ball into a hole somewhere over hill & dale! Ha! Ha! Good luck!

You've heard it all before... one single golf club, the Putter, accounts for an entire 40% of our golf activities & fun! Meanwhile, and as my physio-friend always says: "You golfers need to make the putting stroke happen more intuitively, instead of getting all tied up in knots."

Think about this: In all other sporting activities, that ALIKE golf, feature a club or stick and a ball or puck and a hole or target (think ice hockey, croquet, even the arm-motion in bowling, bocce ball, lawn bowling, polo, horseshoes, cornhole, even the basic tennis swing), the participant tends to:

Faces towards the target. Takes an open & naturally comfortable stance. The left foot is slightly forward. The right foot is slightly back. You use both eyes to calibrate the line & speed of what you’re about to do.

If the participant is using a club/stick, the grip is normally split high & low, and the shoulders hang naturally. The dominant right hand is lower on the club, and it predominantly controls the motion & path of the swing or shot or roll. The left hand is just used as kind of a floating pivot point or hinge. The left hand side is also used as sort of an athletic counter-balance.

Then the participant uses an: easy, stable, controlled, more of a single-handed, under arm, pendulum-like motion, to roll the ball to the intended target. It’s pretty much of a straight-back & straight-through motion or stroke. Am I right about this?

Another example: If you & I are on a putting green & I asked you to roll a golf ball towards a practice hole. No putter. Use just your hands. You’d probably do it the EXACT same way I just described: Face the Target. Open your stance. Use both eyes. And with one hand, and underhanded, and with a straight-back & straight-through motion, you’d roll the ball out of your hand, and directly down the target line. 

Launch, skid, roll, feel, aim, accuracy, lag, & distance control. All these things... now happen naturally, automatically, right? 

Again, you wouldn't turn sideways to the hole, bend over, tuck your head, twist your neck, look upside down, contort into some sort of position… and then stroke a putt. Are we crazy?

Now FYI, I our colleagues in the business, they're promoting any number of things to help you treat this dilemma. I even saw a $500 spaceship-looking putter that was actually bigger than my driver!

There's: Armlock, side-saddle, shaft lock, shaft lean, jumbo grip, taper grip, split grip, claw grip, pencil grip, onset neck, offset hosel, multi-neck, face-foreward, shaft-back, forward press, left hand low, corrective grooves, face inserts, ai potions, face balancing, counter-balanced swing-weighting, heel vs. toe hang, center shafting, big sweet spots, tall shafts, torque & vibration-free shafts, even the stigma of the broomstick putter or the giant winged mallet… and each with rare heavy metals, fancy alignment etchings, screws & nuts & bolts & all kinds of bells & whistles & pieces of interchangeable metal & plastic! And it's all to somehow combat & remedy our putting inefficiencies?

By the way here, we're huge fans & respect each of these companies & what they're trying to do! We just don't necessarily agree with a lot of it. For instance, we feel that putting should start first with: A Better Putting Motion. Specifically, a stroke that's much more intuitive & easily-controlled than what many folks are using now. 

The real key to putting is: 1) Be square at impact, and 2) Make contact very close to the center of the putter face. A ball struck this way needs no face enhancements, tail wings, 45 inch anti-torque shafts or detachable nuts & bolts! In fact, when you do this... everything else will take care of itself! AUTOMATICALLY.

Question: So how do we get to be square, centered & comfortable with our putting stroke?

And furthermore, how do we do this without resorting to the aforementioned towering broomsticks or the side-saddle, or some other uncomfortable-looking arm/shaft locking style?

(... and we only say this because we feel that each of them is only partially correct, and then with only a piece or two of the putting puzzle. Plus they seem awkward, but that’s just us.)

So we'd like to propose:  An easy, natural, intuitive, free-flowing, kinesiologist-approved, gravity & pendulum-based, straight-back & straight-through, putting stroke, AND the ideal-sized Putter Head, Tri-Axial Shaft, & Split-Grip to compliment & physiologically execute the method. Form Follows Function!

We only wanted to incorporate what truly works & eliminate all the needless bells & whistles. We wanted to allow the laws of physics, geometry, motion, direct force & the human anatomy...  along with the confluence of angles, lie, loft, length, counterbalancing, stance, posture, position, pivot point, swing plane & path… along with club head design, shaft angles, grip size & shape & more...

We wanted it all to work together synergistically, both the Putting Stroke & the Putting Tool!

Now I know that all this theory about scientific principles sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo! But just like every other product we've introduced (the last one being the Wonder Wedge), this new putter had to work noticeably easier & better than many other putting methods & implements currently available. PERIOD. 

Oh, and by the way, about the Bobby Jones story: Sam Snead was having trouble putting in 1966. So he adopted a new putting style, and it became incredibly effective for him. Mr. Jones saw this and told Joe Dey, then head of the usga, to outlaw this new method. Joe did that in 1968. Kind of like what we’re doing now in 2024 with the golf ball roll-back strategy.

Anyway, for the last 56 years, all of golf has been questioning the mechanics & limitations of the conventional putting stroke. So we are now introducing the "ICS Wand w/ Tri-Axial Shaft & Split-Grip" by Wonder Golf.

You’re going to find that there’s something innately appealing about the stroke & feel & results of this new (and conforming & 100% legal) putter. 


We released our very first putter back in 1992. It was 100% milled, multi-material, center shafted, and had adjustable weight-ports at both the heel & toe. We addressed off-center hits & MOI, and it even came with a Stroke Path training aid (just like the guys on tour are using now). We next introduced oversized, perimeter-weighted, cavity-back irons along with oversized, stainless-steel metal woods for a couple of the OEMs. Believe it or not, many golfers at the time were still playing with small, unforgiving, blade irons & actual wooden woods. We've had the passion of introducing true game-improvement equipment ever since. And maybe we have something here for you with the Wonder Wand.

 Thanks! KB